The present general conditions and all emerging disputes that are related to these general conditions, including their validity, the use of the website or any purchase therein must be governed by Portuguese law.

  • Preise und Bestellungen

    This website is exclusively for professional clients (legally constituted companies). 
    The customer by formalizing their order through the site LITELONLINE.COM, accepts these Terms and Conditions (GCS), without reservation, not being valid clauses, contained in other documents.

    LITEL reserves the right to update the prices of products at any time, for any reason, without previous notice. Prices are valid at the time of the purchase validation. We are not responsible for errors or omissions that may occur during the purchase process. For example, the customer can put products in the CART during a purchase, but may postpone its validation for later. The customer is always responsible for checking the price that is in effect as well as the availability of products.
    Prices have VAT included.
    Prices have not included the cost of shipping. This is calculated based on the weight of the products ordered and the location of the customer. When you finish shopping before validating, the shipping cost is displayed.
    All elements (samples or files) supplied by the client, required for the manufacture of custom packaging are considered only copies and not originals. 60 days after the manufacturer or budget, LITEL can destroy the delivered elements, declining any responsibility on them.

  • Lieferbedingungen

    The goods travel at the risk of the client even with shipping cost prepaid. Ensuring a good packing LITEL is not responsible for the mishandling or damage caused by transport companies and/or others. It is the customer's responsibility to have the conditions and space for receive the ordered products. Delivery in special places (Mall and Large Surfaces Centres) or with special conditions (especial trucks or restricted access) must be indicated at time of the order and has additional charge.

    Delivery times
    Delivery times are indicative only.
    In the case of personalized products, the delay period shall run from the date of the reception of all necessary approval’s elements necessary to the order. Eventual delays do not entitle the cancellation of the order, its rejection upon delivery or possible damages compensation. If the client during production, request changes affecting the order production, delivery times data will no longer be valid and need further confirmation by the LITEL.

    LITEL reserves the right to elect the mode of transport and transport company. 
    The delivery of the goods on schedule, can occur without any obligation of pre notice to the customer from of LITEL. In cases where delivery is not possible due to lack of information or wrong information (address, hours of discharge, the need for special trucks...) the costs adjacent to the new delivery will be charged to the customer.
    The signature of the client or his collaborator in the transport document certifies the delivery as complete. The customer must verify, on reception, the goods and their status. In case of damaged or inferior amount material, must claim (in writing) in the transport document and inform the LITEL by email of the complaint accompanied by a copy of the transport document. The complaint must be made ​​within 48 hours of receipt of merchandise. 
    In cases of major force (natural disasters, strike, machinery breakdown, failure of supply from supplier, transport delays) to LITEL reserves the right to extend the period of delivery or to cancel the order, if it’s not in a position to accomplish the deadlines.

  • Toleranz

    In the case of personalized products, we reserve the right to deliver up to 10% more or less, of the ordered quantity, being billed the effective quantities supplied.

  • Zahlung

    For standard products the payment is anticipated. The goods are shipped after payment confirmation.

    In custom products payment is made under the following conditions:
    - 50% upon order confirmation, 50% when ready to ship. For order exceeding the 2.000€ (excluding VAT), the payment amount may be within 60 days of invoice data, subject to approval of the credit insurer.

    The following methods of payment are available:
    - Wire transfer;
    - VISA/Mastercard.

    Prices are all quoted in euros

  • Reklamationen / Rücksendungen

    Any complaints should be directed to LITEL by email:;
    - 48 hours - claims having as basis difference of quantity.
    - 30 days - claims having as basis the quality of the product.

    LITEL is only responsible for the quality of its products and declines any responsibility regarding the use given to them.

    LITEL reserves the right to refuse merchandise that has already been used, in the case of nonconformity, LITEL compromises to carry out the replacement of nonconforming products or credit the value of the same form, as it suits LITEL.

    For products without customization, we accept your return (full packs), in part or all of the items acquired, within 14 working days of reception, without any justification. The cost for return shipping is the customer responsibility. Within 14 days, the value will be returned by the same means of payment.

  • Änderungen und Aktualisierungen

    LITEL can change or update the whole or parts of this website and GCS, without any warning or previous notice. All changes and updates will be valid after its publication on this site.