We provide you with a set of answers to frequently asked questions.

  • 1. How do I do if I have questions, and in what languages can I contact?

    Send us an email with your questions to comercial@litel.pt. We communicate in the main European languages (German, Spanish, French, English and Portuguese). 

  • 2. Can I order samples of the products?

    We do not supply product samples, we sell our products in packages. 

  • 3. Can be visited by a salesperson?

    Our service is exclusively online, pulled all the costs associated with the traditional sales, such as brokerage, commissions and travel expenses, to offer the best prices on the market. When shopping on our site, boasts a fast, efficient and secure service, at a lower price.

  • 4. You can customize any of the products, according to my needs?

    Of course , all our products can be customized. We have a design department, which develops tailor-made solutions. If you want to request a quoteby sending an email to comercial@litel.pt.

  • 5. Which countries do you deliver?

    We ship to any country. Should note that shipments outside the EU are subject to taxes and customs fees, which are paid by the client. 

  • 6. How do I calculate the shipping costs?

    The shipping cost is calculated based on the weight of the product and your geographical location. Before validating the purchase the cost of shipping will appear.

  • 7. Do deliver in special conditions or in 24 hours?

    Our products are shipped by land, quickly and securely. If you have any special condition of delivery or delivery service in 24 hours, send an email to comercial@litel.pt indicating the intended service, our services will inform of the possibility and cost. 

  • 8. How long does it take the orders to be delivered?

    All orders of products in stock are shipped within 24 to 48 hours after receipt of proof of payment. Payments and confirmations received after the 12:00 (Greenwich Meridian Time/London), is considered the next day.

    The transport time is the responsibility of the carrier, being the average time estimated, the following;

    Iberian Península (continental area)
    24 a 48 hours
    France (continental area) and Germany 
    3 working days
    Austria, Belgium, Italy (cont.), Netherlands and Luxemburg 
    3 working days
    Rest of the E.U. countries
    Up to 5 working days
    E.U. islands and special zones
    Up to 7 working days

  • 9. What forms of payment do you accept?

    We accept the main payment methods: Visa/Mastercard and bank transfer. 

  • 10. What should I do if I receive damaged package or missing merchandise?

    If the material is damaged or lower amount must claim (in writing) on the carrier's document, and send mail to comercial@litel.pt with complaint accompanied by copy of the transport document. The complaint must be made within 48 hours after receipt of the goods.

  • 11. How can I return the goods in case of error or defect?

    Our products are inspected and verified, however if any error or defect in the order, send an email to comercial@litel.pt, and our services will be in touch to arrange the collection and resending. The material will be replaced at no cost to the customer.

  • 12. What is your returns policy?

    In the case of products without customization, we accept the return of products, within 14 working days, without any justification. To do this simply send an e-mail to comercial@litel.pt to inform your return intention, identifying the transport company used for the return. Within 14 days after receipt of the goods, you will be refunded the amount paid, by the same means of payment, deducted the cost of transport.

    On custom products, we only accept the returns provided for in paragraphs 10 and 11.